1. Developing Problem Solving Skills when Using Technology
1.1 Finding Technical support channels in case of problems with digital technologies
1.2. Developing Digital skills related to field of the study utilizing Pedagogically Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) activities to cultivate students’ problem solving skills
2. Creating Digital Content-Content and Presentation of Assignment
2.1 Students as creators
2.2 Students Synthesize and Presenting their Assignments
3. Involving Creative Practice
3.1 The ability to communicate, discuss and help other students in the digital world
3.2 Using technology for projects on different subjects (Project Based Learning)
3.3 Using technology for group work (collaboration)
3.4 Using technology for career guidance
4. Online Ethics - Ethical Challenges on Using ICT
4.1 Learning Privacy Ethics
4.2 Enforcing copyright and licensing rules
4.3 Acknowledging cultural differences & special needs
4.4 Ethical use of social media

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