1. While Starting
1.1 Making Sure the Task is Understood Correctly
1.2 Determining Goals & Objectives
1.3 Outlining/Planning/Timelining
2. Determining the Research Problem
3. Editing the Format
4. Some Useful Tips for Preparing Assignment
4.1 Researching and Identifying Keywords
4.2 Creating the Table of Contents in Microsoft Word
4.3 Inserting Page Numbers
4.4 Inserting Table of Figures
4.5 Creating Sequential Numbering of Figures and Tables in Word
4.6 Personal Cloud Storage: Onedrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple Icloud
4.7 Online Search Techniques / Advanced Google Search Tips
5. Researching Phase
5.1 Developing Research
5.2 Source Research
5.3 Ethics in Research
5.4 Submission of Your Assignment

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