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1. Which one of the following can not be used to set up classes/meetings online?

a) Zoom
b) Microsoft Teams
c) Instagram
d) Skype for Business

2. What disadvantages do vocational schools suffer from distance learning?

a) They are not given the proper software to conduct classes online
b) More practically-oriented learning is not as easy to move to online environment
c) The students are not as efficient learners as the ones in high school
d) They do not suffer from any disadvantages

3. What risks can distance learning pose?

a) The students might not get the necessary support in their studies
b) After studying in home, the pupils won’t come to school anymore
c) Computers aren’t reliable as learning tools
d) Without good computer skills, e-learning can be a huge burden and distract from actual learning process

4. Why is e-learning useful even if it doesn’t fully adjust to the national core curriculum?

a) It is fun
b) It gives the pupils a chance to participate teaching in the way the want
c) It allows sleeping in class
d) It improves IT skills and the ability to seek information

5. Distance teaching cannot fully cover?

a) International history
b) Computer class subjects
c) Grammar
d) Teaching social interaction and communication skills

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