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1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of online education?

a) Space and time are independent of each other
b) Using with face-to-face training
c) Less costly
d) Use of flexible technology

2. Which of the following is blended learning?

a) In addition to face-to-face education, students do out-of-class activities and follow the course topics with the help of technological resources
b) It is the opposite of the traditional learning approach of learning at school, internalize/absorb at home
c) It has the same meaning as hybrid learning
d) None of these

3. Which of the following is considered within the synchronous learning method?

a) Facebook post
b) Podcast
c) Online teaching through video conference
d) Surfing e- content on digital platforms

4. The ethical issues of the digital world are becoming more important these days because of the increased

a) Use of internet and use of interconnected information system
b) Use of learning new technology
c) Cost of information systems
d) e-Education gaining importance

5. Which of the following verbs is not used while preparing learning objectives?

a) Describe
b) Develop
c) Understand
d) Solve

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