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1. What I need and how can I get support in order to set up an online environment like Google docs, Google Sheets, or platforms like Skype or Zoom?

a) The environments websites include special sections with manuals, tutorials and technical support for the beginners.I just need an internet connection
b) I need my laptop and I have to ask my teacher at the laboratory
c) I need my laptop but I have to buy the software to install
d) I can use my laptop or my mobile phone and I have to pay an expert to help me

2. Our teacher asked us to work in groups collaboratively to prepare a report about Covid and the situation at Schools. Our group has to make a questionnaire and present the results. We need to work for two weeks to prepare the questionnaire and process the results. To communicate with my classmates to prepare our work

a) I will use Social Networking tools, Google Forms, and Google Sheets. We need a Platform like Skype Viber, to communicate and I can use my laptop, or mobile phone to collaborate and share my work
b) I can send emails to all, with my documents attached
c) We have to work together, in the laboratory, in order to give them my work with a flash drive
d) I have to ask the advice of my teacher

3. Our teacher proposed that we split into groups and collaborate creatively, regarding the effects of the pandemic on our school performance. To communicate creatively and be not only effective but also efficient…

a) We will arrange to meet in our school after class, trying to discuss this and make conclusions
b) It is better to arrange an online meeting and collaborate remotely, so everyone can participate from his/her own space
c) We need to use technological advancements to communicate and collaborate remotely in teams, and use a common template with project-based learning steps
d) It is better to work individually and minimize group work

4. What do you mean when you say to be aware of online ethics, while I am using my social network accounts?

a) To write your beliefs, even others do not agree with them, as your opinion is the right one
b) To be aware of several ethical parameters, like privacy ethics, licensing rules and also acknowledge your classmates’ special needs and cultural differences
c) To be aware of ethical challenges, using ICT but it is not necessary to care about other students cultural differences as this is not something that need to concerns you
d) All of these

5. Clara has to write an important and difficult assignment for a course. During her preliminary literature search she finds interesting information on the Internet that she considers using in her work. What is the proper way to act?

a) Include all relevant information to enrich the assignment and increase its validity
b) Use relevant information in limited proportion by referencing their source of origin
c) Do not include any information by outside sources
d) Include relevant information along with her own work without citing outside sources

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