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1. Which of the following is completely different during online and face education?

a) Difficulty and workload
b) Feedback
c) Necessity of time management
d) Networking and social interactions

2. Which of the following is not a valid practice for evaluating online learning

a) Essay questions
b) Online questionnaires
c) None of the options
d) Dialogue simulations

3. Which of the following doesn’t comprise measures for effective online learning?

a) Loud music
b) Develop day regime and healthy homework habits
c) Help set up an environment and space conducive for online learning
d) Limit screen time

4. Which of the following doesn’t comprise technique for developing childrens’ communication skills?

a) Don’t let the child talk about their feelings
b) Talk regularly with your child
c) Making the child describe the day
d) Point out body language

5. Why is it convenient to follow other parents on social media?

a) To gain support from a group of people who are dealing with the same issues with online education and raising a child
b) To compare your child with others
c) To gossip about teachers
d) None of these above

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